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Promotional Resources 

This page provides Proven Web Advertising Methods and Pro Marketing Tools which have helped Many to Effectively Promote Their Web-Based Businesses. Marketing Sales Pro's typically use Multiple Advertising Sources to Reach and Extract Targeted Buyers. Click the underscored text-links and banner images below to Learn More about Ensuring Maximum Exposure for Your Business Website, or Blog.

Many Marketing Pro's also promote their Websites Off-Line locally and while traveling. Posting Fliers with Tare Away Tabs containing Your Website-Link on Public Bulletin Boards: in Grocery Stores, College Campuses, Barber Shops, Beauty & Nail Salons has been shown to really Increase Sales. Business Cards, Windshield Decals, Bumper Stickers and Drop Cards which resemble folded money {$20s work best} all serve to Increase Sales. 

Email Ad Promotion

Web Pro's typically use a Lead Capture Page from which to Funnel Targeted Prospects and Drive Sales Conversions via Email Marketing. Click the banners below to Learn More and Setup Your Own Lead Capture Page & Auto-Responder.

Lead Capture Page Boss

Free Followup 

Social Media Promotion

Free Memberships on Major Social Media Networks enable Web Pro's to Easily Promote to Large Audiences (Micro-Blogging). To this end, Newcomers should use Twitter (330 Million Users) & Facebook (1 Billion+ Users) to Maximize their Advertising Exposure. Be sure to post Your Website Link on Your Facebook Personal Profile and use their Free Service to create a Fan Page for Your New Business as explained in the Video below.

Classified Ads

Posting Online Classifieds enables Newcomers to minimize costs while promoting their Websites. An Eye-Catching Headline, Brief Description & the Call to Action (Observe FTC Ad Guidelines) are the 3 Fundamental Elements used in composing Text Ads.

Query Major Search Engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo) using: "Free Classified Ads", or "Most Popular Classifieds", or "Best Classified Ads" to locate Dynamic Ad Resources from which to Get Started. Network Pro's typically use their Notepad Feature to place Hundreds of Text Ads Daily, So Work Smart, Not Hard.

Banner Advertising

Banner Ads Capture Attention and the Viral Banner Ad Services shown below are Free to Join and both offer One-Time Low Cost Upgrades which Enable You to Earn More While Advertising Your Website. Click the banners shown and Signup Today. 

Cash In On Banners


Creating a Custom Banner for Your Business Website Can Serves to Establish Your Brand. To this end, Instant Banner Creator offers a Free Signup for You to Easily Create and Host Static Banners. To Create Animated Banners and Other Graphics, Purchase the Upgrade. Click the banner to Learn More and Signup Today.

Instant Banner Creator

Virtual People

SitePal's Advanced Technology Really Brings Your Website to Life. Adding a Virtual Person (Can Even be Your Photo & Voice) Solidifies Your Brand while Directing Those Who Visit Your Website. SitePal provides a 15-Day Free Trial and offers this Dynamic Product for a $10. Monthly Subscription. Watch the Video below to Learn More and Click the banner to Install SitePal on Your Website Today.


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