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Home Business Basics

This Business Guide is provided to assist Newcomers with the Initial Setup Requirements from which to begin a Home Business Enterprise. While the information provided here is primarily geared toward Online Home Business Startups, the Initial Basic Setup Requirements remain the same for Off-Line Business Startups.

As with any New Business Endeavor, Developing an Effective Business Plan for Your Business Inclusive of Budget Considerations (e.g., Business Registration, Business Cards, WebSite Hosting, Business Tutorials, Advertising & High-Speed Internet Access) Is Key for Your Success.

Ordinary People All Over the World have and Continue to Start, Grow & Maintain Highly Lucrative Online Businesses from Home, Many who began from Shoe-String Budgets as part-time endeavors prior to expanding into full-time enterprises. To this end, presuming that You already have a computer with Web Access and Reliable Virus Protection Software, a Low-Cost Hosting Subscription for Your Business Website could reasonably be your Only Ongoing Monetary Expense during your first year of operation.

Web-Based Business Owners understand that eCommerce is conducted within a Worldwide Environment which Never Sleeps. Consequently, those who Derive the Greatest Rewards apply Consistent Effort to Continually Ensure that their Business Websites provide Ongoing Value.

Home Biz Marketing was Carefully Designed to provide the Very Best Low Cost Resources for Newcomers to Operate within the Online Home Business Sector by keeping overhead low and profits high, so Thoroughly Examine Each Successive Page to Ensure that You Receive Maximum Value from Your Visit. 

Compliance Requirements

Because each Nation has Compliance Requirements for Business Licensing and Operation, be sure to Perform Due Diligence to Ensure that Your Business conforms to the required business practices for the locale in which you reside. Typically, those who reside outside the U.S. are not subject to U.S. taxes on revenue earned from Online Home Business Operations and This Link explains that in more detail.

Business License

If You reside in the U.S., the First Thing you'll need to do is File a DBA ("Doing Business As") at your local City Hall (the cost is usually between $25. and $50 in most states) and also Obtain a Free Federal EIN #. When you fill out the DBA Business Registration Form, "Your Surname and Associates" can serve as the Name of Your Business and will circumvent the added expense of a title search. The description or reason for your Business Filing is "Online Affiliate Marketing, Publishing and Sales". Make two copies of your DBA Business Certificate which will be dated and time stamped to keep in your files. The DBA is Your Business License and it announces to the world that you are beginning a "For Profit Business Enterprise". Your EIN # should be used in lieu of your Social Security Number on Affiliate Program Registration Forms as Protection from Identity Theft. The Second Thing You'll need to do is Add a Secondary Phone Line for your Home Office to be in Full Compliance with the IRS. 

Tax Deductions

DBA Business Certificate covers all Entrepreneurial Endeavors managed by a Sole Proprietor and enables You, as a Small Business Owner, to claim Your Business Expenses as Legal Tax Deductions as Allowed by the IRS on Schedule C (Obtain Schedule C - Instruction Booklet and IRS Schedule SE {Social Security} alongside the 1040 Long Form In Advance of your filing your taxes to be well prepared). Reputable Online Affiliate Programs will Require you to Complete a W9 Tax form during Affiliate Registration, or as soon as your Commissions reach the $600. Minimum and they will send 1099s to their Affiliates for filing their Annual Federal Tax Returns prior to the April 15th deadline, usually toward the middle or end of January. Visit the IRS Website to Learn More about Deductible Business Expenses.

Keep an Ongoing Listing of Business Expenses with Receipts for Office Supplies, Equipment Purchases, Business Meals, Business Telephone Expense, Cable or DSL Bills and Business Travel associated with the daily operations of Your Home Business. Since You'll be operating from a Home Office, one-third (1/3) of your electric, gas, water and home upkeep are Legally Deductible Expenses, so Calculate and Record those Amounts Monthly together with Copies of the Billing Invoices. Business Deductions, which You'll Record on Schedule C, Reduce your Gross Earnings to Net Earnings which is the amount You'll then transfer to Your 1040 Long Form. As a Licensed Small Business Owner, You are Personally Responsible for Paying Your Own Social Security (FICA) and IRS Schedule SE will be Included With Your Annual Federal Tax Return together with a Check for the Amount of Payment Due based from Your Earnings.

Business Bank Account

Carry Your DBA Business Certificate, and or Your Federal EIN Registration with You to open a Business Bank Account (e.g., Checking with an ATM Card) and be sure to Request Online Banking Access so that You won't be delayed in Verifying and Linking your Online Pay Processors to Your Business Bank Account during Setup.  

Online Pay Processors

To Setup Your Online Pay Processor Accounts, You'll need to open a Free Gmail Account if You do not already have one. There are No Charges for Opening Pay Processor Accounts and each will be Linked to your Business Bank Account which will enable you to Accept Payments for Product-Services from Customers using Credit or Debit Cards which You can then Directly Deposit into Your Business Bank Acct. Companies that provide Network Affiliate Marketing often use Pay Processors to Pay their Affiliates, So Click the Banners Shown and Proceed with the Instructions provided.


Solid Trust Pay

FTC Advertising Guidelines

When Creating Advertising inclusive of Text-Ads on Twitter, Facebook and on any other Social Media Websites, Be Certain that Your Ads Comply with FTC Guidelines. Additionally, on any websites or blogs You create as well as sales emails You send, be sure to include the Required "Consumer Disclosure" like the one you saw at the bottom of the Home Page on this website which serves to Remind Your Visitors to Always Perform Due Diligence (See Blog Posting) prior to purchasing from any website, so that Your Website, or Blog, Complies with the Guidelines Set Forth and Required by Consumer Protection Agencies.  

Your Business Website

When Creating Your Business Website, Hosted by one of the Recommended Companies shown on Our Income Opportunities Page, You'll Want to Be Certain to Install: a Hi-Stats Tracker and Translation Widget. Installing these Must-Have Features will enable You to Track Your Website Traffic and Allow Access to Worldwide Visitors Who Speak Languages other than English. 

For those with limited website coding experience, all Recommended Hosting Providers shown here provide User-Friendly Site-Builders with Pre-Designed Templates and WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") Editors, So No Worries. Should You encounter an unforeseen issue, You can Quickly Resolve it using the Free Quackit Web Tutorials.

QuackIt HTML Resource

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